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In my practice as a massage therapist and Sacred Intimate, I use a variety of techniques to open and relax your body, quiet your mind and connect to your spirit. 

My massage work is deep, intimate and physical. With three massage tables,  I've created a massage platform that allows me to get on the table with you and work in comfort.  I use my my entire body: hands, feet, torso and body weight to open blocked areas and create connection. 

My Sacred Intimacy work has grown from my body work practice.  As clients have shared their need to explore other aspects of their intimate selves, I have drawn on my years of study with Native American Sacred Sexuality, the Body Electric School and Tantra to give clients the space and safety with which to explore their relationship to sensual pleasure. 

Please explore this site to learn more about my treatment techniques and rates. Call or email me with questions about any aspect of my services or to schedule an appointment.

Lui at seattleholisticmassage@gmail.com.  206-605-0337
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How to Get the Best Session

In my practice, I realize that for many of my clients the time that they are on the massage table is the time for quiet. Although its not a time to talk, a great massage is a communication and exchange of energy between the client and therapist. When energy and information flows between us, the depth of the healing and the release of stress and pleasure can be even greater.

Make Some Noise  

When a client makes sounds of pleasure, I know I’m doing well. When I know I’m doing well, I give more. When a client makes little or no sound, I’m less enthusiastic because I’m working with less information. Feedback is great. Positive or constructive feed back is always welcome.

Breath Deep

When babies are resting, their breathe moves their entire bodies. When we’re stressed, our breath gets pulled high up in our chests. Stress demands more oxygen in the brain to deal with hectic situations. As we relax, our breath just naturally descends into our abdomen. On the table, I often use guided visualization to help my clients release stress and the move their breathing lower into their bodies.  

Wash Away Your Day

A hot shower before a massage goes a long way for both of us. My space has an EXCELLENT shower with great pressure and really hot, hot water. Feel free to wash away your day before or after you surrender to the table.  Best order of things=toilet>shower>table.  Out of order?  Feel free to ask for a towel.

When we get on a massage table, we bring our day with us. We bring our work, our stresses and our aches from sitting and looking at technology all day. Massage is a great way to relax and these are some easy enjoyable things to do not only relax more but also to get the best out of your massage therapist.